Jackson County Community Corrections

Community Corrections

About the Program
Community Corrections is a community-based program with the purpose of providing a diversion from commitment to the Department of Correction (DOC) or local incarceration for the felony offender. 

Since 1990, Jackson County Community Corrections has participated in fiscal operations with the Department of Corrections. We continue to operate under an Indiana Department of Corrections grant, and we project income from offenders' user fees. The purpose of the services provided by the agency is to provide alternatives to incarceration at the state and local levels for offenders referred by Circuit and Superior courts. 

Quick Facts
-Community Corrections was established locally under County Ordinance number 1989-9 and Indiana Code 11-12-1-1 through 11-12-3-2 I.A.C. 210.
- Community Corrections operates under the guidance of an advisory board.

Jackson County Community Corrections
325 Dupont Drive
Seymour, IN  47274


J. L. Brewer (812) 271-1400 email