Jackson County, City of Seymour, Brownstown and other communities in the County have been looking into a way to alert citizens of the county of impending Tornado or Severe Thunder Storm. About 3 years ago several companies throughout the United States started offering citizen alert systems to local government. In 2013 Jackson County entered into an agreement with a company called Everbridge to supply an alert system to the citizens of Jackson County. 

This system was designed to take advantage of today’s technology to send alerts to your land line, cell phone, computer or tablet.  As a citizen of Jackson County you have the option to not only receive calls on your “land line” but also on your cell phone, your tablet or your lap top, by means of voice call, text or email.  And the good thing about this system you can receive this warning whether you or inside or outside as long as you can hear your cell phone, land line, lap top or tablet.

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How does the Citizens Alert System work?

Do I have to be a part of the alert system?

Why do I get multiple calls?

Can I opt out of this citizens alert system?

Can I get calls on my cell phone?

How many warning can I sign up for?