Electronic Monitoring

Electronic Monitoring

Eligible Offenders
Jackson County Community Corrections, through its home detention programs, provides punitive, non-prison sentencing alternatives for class A, B, C, and D felons; class A misdemeanors; and pending non-violent habitual offenders in lieu of Indiana Department of Correction commitment. 

These offenders are those assessed to be non-violent, who could benefit from up to 24-hour supervision complimented with a personalized treatment plan designed around employment, education, family, and substance abuse needs. The offenders also pay fees to be on the program. These fees are used to offset operational costs.

For more information, view the home detention rules.
Monitoring & Visits
Jackson County Community Corrections has home detention officers to monitor offenders sentenced to home detention. The home detention officers use electronic monitoring, alcohol monitoring, GPS monitoring, and visits to the offender's residence and place of employment to ensure compliance with home detention rules. Learn more about the monitoring equipment.

The purpose of these visits is to:
  • Visually ensure the offenders are at home when they are supposed to be
  • Ensure the offenders are not using alcohol or drugs (breathalyzers and random monthly drug screens are performed)
  • Check on the offenders' employment statuses
  • Check on the offenders well-being, family situations, and to just see how they are doing while on home detention
Home Detention Violations
Offenders who violate home detention rules are dealt with immediately. Offenders may lose all privileges, changed to another form of monitoring, have a warrant issued for their arrest, or have a court date set to appear in court for violation. Offenders may be sent back to jail to complete the remainder of their sentence.


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