Jackson County Ambulance

Emergency Medical Services

Jackson County Emergency Medical Services
Jackson County EMS is the sole provider of emergency and convalescent treatment & transport of patients with Jackson County. We maintain four staffed ambulance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and one staffed non-transport response vehicle. 

Services Provided
All of our ambulances are certified at the advanced life support level. Paramedic ambulances are stationed in Crothersville, Brownstown, and Seymour. We also have an advanced EMT-staffed ambulance in Seymour, as well as a shift supervisor whom staffs a non-transport response vehicle. 

Two additional backup ambulances are available for peak run periods or when one of the front line ambulances is down for maintenance/repair. The service utilizes county fire departments for first response and to assist on emergency runs. All ambulances are dispatched through the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

Executive Director

Nathaniel D. Bryant, NRP (812) 523-7501 Ext 1 email