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Jackson County Cuffs

A Vision of Mike Carothers prior to his election as Sheriff of Jackson County.  After being elected and taking office in 2011, Sheriff Carothers took his vision and made it reality, and beginning March 1, 2011 the first issue was introduced to the residents of Jackson County in The Tribune and The Banner.

Jackson County Cuffs is published twice a month in The Tribune and The Banner and broadcast on WZZB Radio.  The goal is to share information with the public about offenders that have outstanding warrants/writs, locate them with the help of the public and have them brought to court.

In 2011, Jackson County had in excess of 700 outstanding warrants/writs.  Two years later that number has been reduced by 30% thanks to the News Media, Social Networking and efforts of the citizens of Jackson County and surrounding areas!

Jackson County Cuffs can be found on the following websites:
https://www.facebook.com/jacksoncountycuffs  and