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The Investigation Division of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department is charged with investigating cases like murder, rape, robbery, sex offenses, burglary, and theft, to name a few.

The Investigation Division is also involved in proactive drug investigations. Using informants, they buy illegal drugs and make arrests on drug dealers in Jackson County.
Investigation Detectives
The detectives in this office are normally not in uniform. This enables them to be more inconspicuous while conducting investigations. This also makes interacting with the public less formal, and thereby gaining more information in these investigations.

The detectives in this office use the latest in technology to aid in these investigations. At least one of the detectives is a graduate of the Indiana State Police Crime Scene Investigation School.

In all of these investigations, these detectives apply for and serve search warrants, collect and process evidence, and work with other agencies in making Jackson County a safer, better place to live.