Sheltering at Home

Sheltering at Home

 Tornado Warnings
When a tornado warning is issued: 
  • Stay in the center of the room away from windows, doors, and outside walls 
  • Protect your head
  • Get under furniture or stairs 

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Winter Storms
During winter storms:
  • Never use unvented gas, propane, or kerosene heaters inside; these produce carbon monoxide, which can be deadly
  • Dress in layers to keep warm if the heat goes out

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Chemical incident 
During a chemical incident:

  • Close and lock all windows and doors, close all air vents and fireplace dampers, turn off heating and air conditioning units
  • Check the news for additional information
  • If necessary, seal yourself in a room by placing plastic sheeting over openings using duct tape
Helpful Hints
  • Review your emergency plans.
  • Practice your plans.
  • Plans should include your pets.
  • Know your utilities shut-offs.
  • Have training in first aid.
More Information

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