About Recovery
At the onset of an emergency, actions are taken to enhance the effectiveness of recovery operations. Recovery is both a short-term activity intended to return vital life-support systems to operation, and a long-term activity designed to return infrastructure systems to pre-disaster conditions. Recovery also includes cost recovery activities. 

As soon as possible following a major emergency, normal management of the Jackson County operations will be restored. Disaster assistance for affected persons will be coordinated through joint state and federal disaster assistance centers in the local area. If major damage has occurred, the recovery aspects of this plan will be implemented to coordinate planning and decision-making for recovery and reconstruction efforts. 

Actions taken during the recovery phase include:
  • Implementing health and safety measures
  • Protecting, controlling, and allocating vital resources
  • Restoring or activating essential facilities and systems
  • Enforcing police powers in controlling the locations
  • Establishing access controls, erecting traffic barricades, etc.

More Information 
For more information, contact Emergency Management at (812) 358-6110.

EMA Director

Duane Davis (812) 358-6110 email