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Citizen Alet FAQ

                     Jackson County Citizens Alert System

Jackson County, City of Seymour, Brownstown and other communities in the County have been looking into a way to alert citizens of the county of impending Tornado or Severe Thunder Storm. About 3 years ago several companies throughout the United States started offering citizen alert systems to local government. In 2013 Jackson County entered into an agreement with a company called Everbridge to supply an alert system to the citizens of Jackson County.

This system was designed to take advantage of today’s technology to send alerts to your land line, cell phone, computer or tablet.  As a citizen of Jackson County you have the option to not only receive calls on your “land line” but also on your cell phone, your tablet or your lap top, by means of voice call, text or email.  And the good thing about this system you can receive this warning whether you or inside or outside as long as you can hear your cell phone, land line, lap top or tablet.

The alert system has been up and running for about 9 months now and there have been a lot of question on the system.  Below you will find some of the question and answer to those questions.  We hope it helps.

How does the Citizens Alert System work?

When the National Weather Service issues a Severe Thunder Storm Warning or Tornado Warning for Jackson County (that’s all zip codes identified as being in Jackson County), the Citizens Alert System is activated through Everdridge.  Everbridge then relays the message to our alert system.  The alert goes out to all land lines in the county that have numbers listed in the white and yellow pages automatically.

Do I have to be a part of the alert system?

As of now yes, if you have a home phone (land line) and live in Jackson County you will receive an alert of a Severe Thunder Storm Warning or Tornado Warning.

Why do I get multiple calls?

First of all when the warning is issued, your phone will ring.  If you don’t answer system it will try a second time to connect with you.  Second, every time the Nation Weather service issues a Severe Thunder Storm Warning or Tornado Warning for our county the system will call your number.  If the National Weather Service does this 5 times a night then you will receive 5 phone calls on each device you have set up to receive alerts on.

Can I opt out of this citizens alert system?

Yes you can.  We encourage you to stay with the Citizens’ Alert System as we work out the bugs.  We feel in the long run it will be beneficial to all and will save lives in the future.  But if you want to opt out you will need to make the request in writing.  You will need to give your name, address, phone number(s) and date of birth.  This request must then be sent to JCEMA for review and submitted for removal from the alert system.

Can I get calls on my cell phone?

Yes you can.  This can be done through the Jackson County Citizen Alert System on the Jackson County Indiana Web Site at  Simply follow the instruction on the screen and enter you information, devices you want to receive the alerts on ,and what type of alerts you wish to receive.

How many warning can I sign up for?

As many as you want to receive,  just remember anytime the National Weather Service issues a warning,  alert or advisory you will get a call and maybe 2.  We suggest you be selective on the alerts you sign up for. You can add to or change whenever you want.

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