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Recent changes in the status of inmates may not be reflected.  Inmate information changes quickly, and the reported information may not reflect the current information.  While every effort is made to ensure that the posted information is accurate, it my contain factual or other errors.  Although the data found herein has been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability, or usefulness of any information.

An arrest does not mean that the inmate has been convicted of a crime.  The information on this page should not be relied upon for any type of legal action.  Unauthorized or illegal use of the information is strictly prohibited.  By using this information, you acknowledge that you understand and have accepted these terms of use.

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ARRESTS  November 26, 2014

Melissa McQueen                                               Chaz Cowles
DWS-Prior                                                                Serve Sentence
melissa mcqueenchaz cowles

ARRESTS  November 27, 2014

Nathaniel Hill                                                     Ryanne Jennifer Snodgrass
Poss Meth, Poss Syringe, Poss Para                           Poss Meth, Poss Syringe, Poss Para
nathaniel hillryanne snodgrass

Jonathan Godsey                                              Kendall Owens
MCN                                                                     HTV
jonathan godseykendall owens

Russell Gray
russell gray

ARRESTS  November 28, 2014

George Simmons                                               Samantha Kimsey
Poss Marijuana                                                        DWS
goerge simmonssamantha kimsey

Paul Collins                                                       Jason Beddoe
Crim Mischief, Crim Trespass                                     Theft
paul collinsjason beddoe

Harlana Sanders                                               Connie Rollins
Theft                                                                    Theft
harlana sandersconnie rollins

Deborah Hagan
Invasion of Privacy
deborah hagan

ARRESTS  November 29, 2014

Keith Jones                                                       Nathan Finch
OWI, BAC                                                              Parole Violation
keith jonesnathan finch

Megan Longelin                                                 Angela Jackson
Poss Meth/Mari/Para, RLE, CM, DWS-Prior                    DWS-Prior
megan longelinangela jackson

Dustin Richey
Writ of Attachment
dustin richey

ARRESTS  November 30, 2014

Alfonzo Borom                                                  John Ferguson
Writ-Lake County, Indiana                                        DWS-Prior
alfonzo boromjohn ferguson

ARRESTS  December 1, 2014

Linda Carlisle                                                    Gabriel Ramos
Battery to Minor under age 14                                   ONRL
linda carlislegabriel ramos

Tiffany Otte
tiffany otte

ARRESTS  December 2, 2014

Richard Keck                                                     Erin Sitterding
DWS-Prior                                                             DWS-Prior
richard keckerin sitterding

Tommy Elam                                                     Kenneth Jent
Serve Sentence                                                      Parole Violation
tommy elamkenneth jent

Matthew Dover
matthew dover

ARRESTS  December 3, 2014

David Queen
david queen

ARRESTS  Demcember 4, 2014

Jquan Holliman                                                 Carols Garay-Pagan
WOFW-FTA                                                           WOFW-FTA
jquan hollimancarlos garay-pagan

Vincent Johnson                                                Nicole Cossman
Theft                                                                    WOW-6 cts Check Dec, Check Fraud
vincent johnsonnicole cossman

Michael Humphrey                                            Bobby Watkins
Serve Sentence                                                      Theft
michael humphreybobby watkins

Terry Hunter
Poss Marijuana
terry hunter

ARRESTS  December 5, 2014

Carl Evans                                                         Timothy Poore
WOW-Clark County                                                 Child Molest x3, Incest, Intim
carl evanstimothy poore

Brett Schryer                                                    Barry Russell
Writ of Attachment                                                 WOMW-FTA
brett schryerbarry russell

Robert Reinhart                                                Jodeci Gonzalez

OWI, BAC                                                             WOFW-Batt to mental/physical disabled pers
robert reinhartjodeci gonzalez

Charles Raby                                                    Brittany Johnson
Domestic Battery w/Injury, Strangulation                    Theft
charles rabybrittany johnson

Carla Maxie
Domestic Battery
carla maxie

ARRESTS  December 6, 2014

Wesley Burgess                                                Vince Rucker
Theft, Contribute to Minor                                        WOFW-Theft
wesley burgessvince rucker

Hannah McCrory
DWS-Prior, OWI, LTS-PI, Fail to Identify
hannah mccrory

ARRESTS  December 7, 2014

Leland Wilkinson                                               Theodore Anderson
Poss Look-a-like subs, Poss Para, HTV                       Domestic Battery in presence of Minor
leland wilkinsontheodore anderson

Morris Bragg
Poss Mari, Poss Para, WOW-JenningsCounty
morris bragg

ARRESTS  December 8, 2014

Velma Holcomb                                                Joshua Lowe
Poss Meth w/Firearm, Poss Mari/Para/Syringe              False Reporting, WOW-Clark County
velma holcombjoshua lowe

Robert Henderson IV
Poss Mari, Poss Para
robert henderson iv

ARRESTS  December 9, 2014

Casey Doerflein                                                Clifford Roberts

WOMW-FTA                                                          Writ of Attachment
casey doerfleinclifford roberts

Gabrielle Little                                                   Patricia Mullins
WOW-Madison County                                             Theft, Criminal Trespass, Poss Para
gabrielle littlepatricia mullins

Joseph Campbell                                              Jacqueline Stephens
Poss Controlled Subs, Poss Syringe                            Poss Mari, Poss Para, DWS-Prior, WOW
joseph campbelljacqueline stephens               
Darion Allen
darion allen

ARRESTS  December 10, 2014

Saul Becerril                                                     Joseph Holder
WOMW-FTA                                                          WOMW-FTA
saul becerriljoseph holder

Megan Barger                                                   Jasmine Mifflin
WOW-Clark County                                                 WOW-Bartholomew County
megan bargerjasmine mifflin

Alisha Dillow                                                      Michael Gardner
WOW-Floyd County, Indiana                                     Serve Sentence
alisha dillowmichael gardner

Misty Gambrel
WOW-Jennings County
misty gambrel

ARRESTS  December 11, 2014

Kelsey Wingler                                                  Nicholas Walker
WOMW-FTA                                                          Writ of Attachment
kelsey winglernicholas walker

Garrett Fields                                                    Allisa Sage
WOFW-Reckless Homicide                                         WOW-Bartholomew County
garrett fieldsallisa sage

Kippy Bratcher                                                  Stephen Norwood
Poss Marijuana, Poss Paraphernalia                            DWS-Prior
kippy bratcherstephen norwood

ARRESTS  December 2, 2014

Aparicio Gaspar                                                 Douglas Toborg
WOMW-FTA                                                           Serve Sentence
aparicio gaspardouglas toborg

Sara Skaggs                                                     Gaylard Williams

Probation Revocation                                              Sexual Battery
sara skaggsgaylard williams

ARRESTS  December 13, 2014

Carl Ball                                                             Felipe Felipe-Gaspar
DWS-p, Poss Mari/Para, OWI, BAC                             ONRL
carl ballfelipe felipe-gaspar

Blake Wilson
blake wilson

ARRESTS  December 14, 2014

Jeffrey Forrest
Parole Warrant
jeffrey forrest

ARRESTS  December 15, 2014

Billy Young                                                        Joshua Turner
WOW-Jennings County                                            Parole Warrant
billy youngjoshua turner

Ryan Shinkle                                                     Lynn Burns
WOFW-Non-Support                                               Poss Mari/Para/Hashish
ryan shinklelynn burns

Carolyn Mattingly                                              Brian Slagle
WOFW-FTA                                                           HTV
carolyn mattinglybrian slagle

Michael Taylor
michael taylor

ARRESTS  December 16, 201q4

Bridget Vaughn                                                  Erica Gebhart
WOW-Bartholomew County                                       Residential Entry, Battery w/Injury
bridget vaughnerica gebhart

James Sparks                                                   James Stoner
WOFW-FTA                                                            Parole Violation
james sparksjames stoner

Adan Aguirre                                                    Jason Grissom
Poss Child Pornography, Child Molesting                      Deal Meth, Poss Meth/Para, MCN
adan aguirrejason grissom

Megan McIntosh                                               Kenneth Johnson
Neglect of Dependant                                              Failure to Register as Sex Offender
megan mcintoshkenneth johnson

Brent Restall                                                     Justin Colvin
DWS-Prior                                                             Burglary, Agg Battery, Battery, CC, Robbery
brent restalljustin colvin

ARRESTS  December 17, 2014

Aaron Ward                                                       Anthony Shearer
Probation Violation, Serve Sentence                           OWI, BAC
aaron wardanthony shearer

Felicia Hensley                                          
WOFW-Receiving Stolen Auto Parts, RLE x2                 Scott Barker
Criminal Recklessness x2, Criminal Mischief                   Criminal Trespass
felicia hensleyscoyy barker

Scylar Barker                                                    Larry Jones
Criminal Trespass                                                    WOMW-FTA
scylar barkerlarry jones

Kyle Powell
Writ of Attachment
kyle powell

ARRESTS  December 18, 2014

John Butler                                                        James Grissom
Theft                                                                   Writ of Attachment
john butlerjames grissom

James Colwell                                                   Ashton Montgomery
PCS x2, Poss Syringe                                               WOFW-FTA
james colwellashton montgomery

Dustin Jarrett                                                    Damien Rude
Theft                                                                    Neglect of Dependant
dustin jarrettdamien rude

ARRESTS  December 19, 2014

Jerika Wayman                                                 Christian Hickman
WOW-Orange County                                               Poss Marijuana, Poss Paraphernalia
jerika waymanchristian hickman

ARRESTS  December 19, 2014

Tracy Jordan                                                      Retha Oakes
DWS-Prior                                                              DWS-Prior, WOW-Brown County
tracy jordanretha oakes

Kayla Stout                                                   Lamonte Boyd
DWS-Prior                                                                OWI, BAC
kayla stoutlamonte boyd

David Stitt
david stitt

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