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Recent changes in the status of inmates may not be reflected.  Inmate information changes quickly, and the reported information may not reflect the current information.  While every effort is made to ensure that the posted information is accurate, it my contain factual or other errors.  Although the data found herein has been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability, or usefulness of any information.

An arrest does not mean that the inmate has been convicted of a crime.  The information on this page should not be relied upon for any type of legal action.  Unauthorized or illegal use of the information is strictly prohibited.  By using this information, you acknowledge that you understand and have accepted these terms of use.

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ARRESTS  July 14, 2015

Antonina McCormick                                          Gavin Goens
PI, DC, RLE                                                            Domestic Battery
antonina mccormickgavin goens

Terrence Knowell                                               Aaron Murray
OWI, BAC                                                              3 Counts Child Molesting
terrence knowellaaron murray

Moises Grajales-Jimenez                                 Randy Cockerham
ONRL                                                                    DWS-Prior
moises g jimenezrandy cockerham

ARRESTS  July 15, 2015

Shannon Bennett                                               Daniel Elkins
WOMW-FTA                                                           Domestic Battery, Invasion of Privacy
shannon bennettdaniel elkins

Bart Buck                                                          Jamie Horton
WOMW-FTA                                                          Writ of Attachment, ONRL
bart buckjamie horton

Jonathan Burns
Resisting Law Enforcement
jonathan burns

ARRESTS  July 16, 2015

Sarah Williams                                                    Shyanne Caudill
OWI, BAC                                                                WOFW-Check Fraud
sarah williamsshyanne caudill

Jason Caudill                                                     Jeremy Moore
WOFW-Check Fraud                                                Writ of Attachment, WOMW-FTA
jason caudilljeremy moore

Zachary Yeager                                                Gaspar Pascual

OWI                                                                     Disorderly Conduct, PI
zachary yeagergaspar pascual

David DeFibaugh

Glue Sniffing
david defibaugh

ARRESTS  July 17, 2015

Gary Oakes                                                       William Milburn
Serve Sentence                                                     Probation Violation
gary oakeswilliam milburn

Ryan O'Neal                                                      Keith Johnson
Parole Violation                                                      Criminal Conversion
ryan onealkeith johnson

Jacob Gray                                                        Darrell Crow
Writ of Attachment                                                 WOW-Bartholomew County
jacob graydarrell crow

ARRESTS  July 18, 2015


ARRESTS  July 19, 2015

Leroy Yarbrough                                              Christopher Caudill
Possession Meth                                                     Possession Meth
leroy yarbroughleroy yarbrough

Gary Jennings                                                  James Arthur Mitchell

Domestic Battery, WOW-Georgia                               WOFW-Battery to person under 14
gary jenningsjames mitchell

Carlos Diejo Juan                                              Marty Johnson
ONRL                                                                    WOMW-Theft
carlos d juanmarty johnson

ARRESTS  July 20, 2015

Casey J.R. Durham                                           Ashley Bratcher
Sexual misconduct with minor                                   Criminal Mischief
casey durhamashley bratcher

Emily Lamaster                                               Thirld William Ross
Theft                                                                   WOFW-Auto Theft +
emily lamasterthirld ross

April Hardy                                                       George Smith
WOMW-Failure to Appear                                         Burglary
april hardygeorge smith

Earl Finley
Public Intoxication
earl finley

ARRESTS  July 21, 2015

Kerry Watkins                                                   Jeffrey White

Criminal Trespass                                                    Theft
kerry watkinsjeffrey white

Ryanne J Snodgrass                                         Staci Wetter
Dealing Meth                                                          Dealing Meth
ryanne snodgrassstaci wetter

Julio Baltazar-Nicolas
WOMW-Failure to Appear
julio baltazar-nicolas

ARRESTS  July 22, 2015

Amanda Woods                                                 Arturo Robles
Public Nudity, RLE, Escape                                          WOFW-FTA
amanda woodsarturo robles

Nathan Chambers                                             James Grissom
Probation Violation                                                     Parole Violation
nathan chambersjames grissom

Brian Sanchez
brian sanchez

ARRESTS  July 23, 2015

Roger Wall                                                      Melanie Krebbs a/k/a Melanie Totten
WOW-Lawrence County                                             WOW-Bartholomew County
roger wallmelanie krebbs

Chandra Day                                                      Nicholas Brock
Writ of Attachment                                                     WOMW-FTA
chandra daynicholas brock

Peggy Bowling                                                   James Stoner
Theft, WOW-Scott County                                           2 Counts Fraud
peggy bowlingjames stoner

Samson Varner                                                Justin Smith
WOFW-FTA                                                               WOW-Clark County
samson varnerjustin smith

ARRESTS  July 24, 2015

Michael White                                                         Kristina Sullivan
Battery                                                                     Theft
michael whitekristina sullivan

Rachel Peacock                                                 Dennis Fuentes
Reckless Driving                                                        ONRL
rachel peacockdennis fuentes

John Kamman                                                   Michael Jolly
OWI, BAC                                                                 Public Intoxication
john kammanmichael jolly

Harlen Jackson
PI, Public Indecency, RLE
harlen jackson

ARRESTS  July 25, 2015

Collin Coffman                                                   James Redkey
MIP                                                                           OWI, BAC, DWS-Prior
collin coffmanjames redkey

Davonn Johnson                                               Ramon Horton-Chavez
OWI, BAC                                                                 ONRL
davonn johnsonramon horton-chavez

Tanner Payton                                                  John Gutterman
MIP                                                                          Writ of Attachment
tanner paytonjohn gutterman

Joshua Love
Poss Mari, Poss Para, Criminal Recklessness
joshua love

ARRESTS  July 26, 2015

Jonathan Trantham                                          Pablo Cocuyo
Resisting Law Enforcement                                         DB, Strangulation
jonathan tranthampablo cocuyo

Mark Brown
Poss Marijuana, MCN
mark brown

ARRESTS  July 27, 2015

Devin Wilkerson                                               Ronald Doyle
Minor in consumption                                                 Minor in consumption
devin wilkersonronald doyle

Layton Pray                                                       Terrence Knowell
OWI, BAC                                                                  Fail to report to probation
layton prayterrence knowell

David DeFibaugh                                              Clayton Mayo
Serve Sentence                                                         WOMW-FTA
david defibaughclayton mayo

Bryce Gorsuch
bryce gorsuch

ARRESTS  July 28, 2015

Andrea Garcia                                                  Brittney Morgan
DB, Criminal Recklessness                                         Transport Order
andrea garciabrittney morgan

William Russell                                                 Bruce Aaron Goben
Theft                                                                         Serve Sentence
william russellbruce aaron goben

Heather Lamaster                                             Rickey Welsh
Transport Order                                                         Fraud
heather lamasterrickey welsh

John Marshall                                                   Christopher Sternes
Dealing Meth x2                                                        OWI, BAC, RLE
john marshallchristopher sternes

ARRESTS  July 29,2015

Michael Adkins                                                  Randy Cockerham
Disorderly Conduct                                                     WOMW-FTA
michael adkinsrandy cockerham

Jordan Cockerham                                           Joshua Acree
Burglary, Theft, Criminal Mischief                               WOW-Jennings County
jordan cockerhamjoshua acree

Nicholas Curry                                                  Kristy Stout
WOFW-FTA                                                               Domestic Battery
nicholas currykristy stout

Roberto Martinez                                              Matthew Strong
DWS-Prior                                                                 DWS-Prior, Poss Para
roberto martinezmatthew strong

Jerri Elkins                                                        Brian Zink
Poss Meth/Mari/Para/Syringe, PCS, MCN                      Poss Meth/Mari/Para/Syringe/MCN +
jerri elkinsbrian zink

ARRESTS  July 30, 2015

Harold Hutchinson                                            Samuel Peters-Lancaster
OWI                                                                         Poss Meth/Mari/Para, DWS-Prior
harold hutchinsonsamuel peters-lancaster

Donald Bowman                                                Larry McReynolds
PI, Disorderly Conduct                                                Dealing Meth x3
donald bowmanlarry mcreynolds

Cory Smith                                                        John Gill
PCS, VLD                                                                  Battery
cory smithjohn gill

Terre Newport
PCS, Poss Para
terre newport

ARRESTS  July 31, 2015

Andrea Garcia                                                  Juan Moore
Theft                                                                        WOW-Floyd County
andrea garciajuan moore

Brandon Howard                                              Chasity Samson
Theft, Criminal Trespass                                            Theft, Criminal Trespass
brandon howardchasity samson

ARRESTS  August 1, 2015

Mitchell Sizemore                                              Byron Equizabel-Lopez
OWI                                                                          OWI, BAC, DWS-Prior
mitchell sizemorebyron equizabel-lopez

ARRESTS  August 2, 2015

William Sanders, Jr                                          Shane Swaney
Battery, Pointing Firearm x3, RLE +                            Minor in possession of alcohol
william sanders jrshane swaney

Richard Branaman                                            Shanda Barrett
Minor in possession of alcohol                                     Escape
richard branamanshanda barrett

Thurman Brantley                                             Michael Romero
WOW-Shelby and Hamilton Counties                           Poss Meth/Para, Fraud, MCN
thurman brantleymichael romero

ARRESTS  August 3, 2015


ARRESTS  August 4, 2015

Joel Muniz
joel muniz

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