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Recent changes in the status of inmates may not be reflected.  Inmate information changes quickly, and the reported information may not reflect the current information.  While every effort is made to ensure that the posted information is accurate, it my contain factual or other errors.  Although the data found herein has been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability, or usefulness of any information.

An arrest does not mean that the inmate has been convicted of a crime.  The information on this page should not be relied upon for any type of legal action.  Unauthorized or illegal use of the information is strictly prohibited.  By using this information, you acknowledge that you understand and have accepted these terms of use.

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ARRESTS  October 1, 2014

Michael Hatfield                                                 Charles Newman
Poss Syringe, Poss Mari, Poss Para                             Theft
michael hatfieldcharles newman

Brandon Autry                                                  James Woodcock
Battery on Police Officer, RLE                                    Domestic Battery
brandon autryjames woodcock

Alivia Milenbaugh                                              Tre Vires
DB, CC, Interfere w/Reporting Crime                           WOW-Bartholomew County
alivia milenbaughtre vires

Jason Cobble
Poss Marijuana, Poss Paraphernalia
jason cobble

ARRESTS  October 2, 2014

Rocco DeCarlo                                                   Jonathon Gahimer

OWI, BAC                                                             WOW-Marion County
rocco decarlojonathon gahimer

Geneva Stidham                                               Stacy Borgman

OWI, BAC                                                              Writ of Attachment
geneva stidhamstacy borgman

Lean Warren a/k/a Leah Salsman                 Tracy Koerner
WOW-Jennings County                                            WOFW-Fail to Register as Sex Offender
leah warrentracy koerner

ARRESTS  October 3, 2014

Joseph Runyon                                                 Loyd Jacobs
Battery, Battery w/Injury, DC                                   WOFW-Theft
joseph runyonloyd jacobs

Jonathan Chilton                                          
WOFW-Batt w/deadly weapon, CR,                            Jonathan Deckard
Poss handgun w/o permit                                         Driving while suspended
jonathan chiltonjonathan deckard

Joseph Hughes
WOFW-Auto Theft
joseph hughes

ARRESTS  October 4, 2014

Jeffrey Love                                                      Lacey Walker
OWI, BAC                                                             OWI, BAC
jeffrey lovelacey walker

David Rooks                                                      Amuel Hall

PI                                                                        Intim, Bat on P.O., Battery, DC, RLE
david rooksamuel hall

James Henson
WOFW-Poss Controlled Substance
james henson

ARRESTS  October 5, 2014

                                                                         Dustin Sexton
Wendy Conley                                                  Theft, PCS, Poss Syringe, Poss handgun
PCS x2, Theft                                                       w/o permit, poss handgun by felon
wendy conleydustin sexton

ARRESTS  October 6, 2014

Deborah Hagan                                                 Holly Kramer
PI                                                                        WOW-Jennings County
deborah haganholly kramer

John Short                                                        Dwight Roark
WOMW-FTA                                                          WOFW-Burglary, Theft
john shortdwight roark

ARRESTS  October 7, 2014

                                                                           Keith Warnock
                                                                           Poss Meth w/Intent to Deal, RLE, CM
Vanessa Marks                                                  Poss Meth, Poss Mari, Poss Para
Counterfeiting, Theft x2                                           Illegal Poss Drug Lab
vanessa markskeith warnock

Robert Lemmons                                              Jill Warnock
WOMW-FTA                                                           Theft
robert lemmonsjill warnock

ARRESTS  October 8, 2014

Edward Mitchell, JR                                           Shadd Hargett

WOW-Clark County                                                 Serve Sentence
edward mitchell jrshadd hargett

Leota Pollard                                                    Timothy Freshour
WOW-Bartholomew County                                       OWI, BAC
leota pollardtimothy freshour

ARRESTS  October 9, 2014

John Shepherd JR                                             Derek Crossman
WOMW                                                                 Writ of Attachment
john shepherd jrderek crossman

Franklin White                                                  Nathan Coomer
Hold for Dept of Corrections                                     DWS-Prior
franklin whitenathan coomer

ARRESTS  October 10, 2014

Jeremy Huffman
Public Nudity
jeremy huffman

ARRESTS  October 11, 2014

Dillan Lush                                                        Kimberly May
MIP, DC, RLE. CM                                                   PI, WOW-Scott County
dillan lushkimberly may

Keith Miller                                                        Gerrelian Ragland
Serve Sentence                                                     WOW-Marion County
keith millergerrelian ragland

William Davis JR                                                William Wilder
ONRL                                                                    WOFW-Child Molesting
william davis jrwilliam  wilder

Savannah Wilson
savannah wilson

ARRESTS  October 12, 2014

Catherine Luedeman                                         Gary Oakes
OWI, BAC                                                              OWI
catherine luedemangary oakes

ARRESTS  October 13, 2014

Vincent Miller                                                     Rachael Hickman

WOFW-FTA                                                            False Informing
vincent millerrachael hickman

Judy Green                                                       Bobby Worley

Serve Sentence                                                     Theft, Battery, Criminal Mischief
judy greenbobby worley

Robert Johnson                                                 Brent Hall
Burglary, Theft, Criminal Mischief                               WOW-Parole
robert johnsonbrent hall

Justin Reuter                                                    Jerome Seniours
OWI Endangering, OWI                                             WOFW-Contempt
justin reuterjerome seniours

ARRESTS  October 14, 2014

Robert Couch                                                    Zachary McCarty

WOFW-Forgery, Theft                                             WOFW-OWI
robert couchzachary mccarty

Charles B Ray II                                              Jacquelyn Ray
WOFW-10 counts Fraud on Financial Inst.                  WOFW-10 counts Fraud on Financial Inst.
charles b ray iijacquelyn ray

James Colwell                                                  Tyler Martin

Poss Syringe                                                         Poss Marijuana
james colwelltyler martin

Charles Barnette
WOW-Hamilton County and Johnson County
charles barnette

ARRESTS  October 15, 2014

Agustin Bartolome                                          Jeremy McIntosh
PI                                                                       Writ of Attachment
agustin bartolomejeremy mcintosh

Laurie Brewer                                                  Benjamin Kerkhof
WOMW-FTA                                                         WOMW-FTA
laurie brewerbenjamin kerkhof

Ryan Waggoner                                               Maria Caceres
WOW-Edgar County, Illinois                                     Battery, Battery w/Serious Injury
ryan waggonermaria caceres

ARRESTS  October 16, 2014


ARRESTS  October 17, 2014

James Burkhart                                               Matthew Day
Writ of Attachment                                                WOFW-FTA
james burkhartmatthew day

Robert Wiesman                                               Robert Waggoner

DWS                                                                    PI
robert wiesmanrobert waggoner

Ryan Spurgeon                                                 Dirk Smith

Leaving the scene of Property Damage wreck              Poss Marijuana
ryan spurgeondirk smith

ARRESTS  October 18, 2014

Paul Collins                                                       Zackary Jones
WOW-Scott County                                                WOMW-FTA
paul collinszackary jones

ARRESTS  October 19, 2014

Wesley Ray                                                        Allisa Sage
Criminal Recklessness, Criminal Mischief                        WOW-Johnson County
wesley rayallisa sage

Jerica Spall                                                       Brittany Martsolf
Theft                                                                  Theft
jerica spallbrittany martsolf

Manahen Villatoro-Cruz                                
manahen villatoro-cruz

ARRESTS  October 20, 2014

David Brasher                                                   William Deaton
ONRL                                                                    Serve Sentence
david brasherwilliam deaton

ARRESTS  October 21, 2014

Jefferson W Miller
WOMW-2 cts DWS, Fail to Stop after Accident
jefferson miller

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