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Recent changes in the status of inmates may not be reflected.  Inmate information changes quickly, and the reported information may not reflect the current information.  While every effort is made to ensure that the posted information is accurate, it my contain factual or other errors.  Although the data found herein has been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability, or usefulness of any information.

An arrest does not mean that the inmate has been convicted of a crime.  The information on this page should not be relied upon for any type of legal action.  Unauthorized or illegal use of the information is strictly prohibited.  By using this information, you acknowledge that you understand and have accepted these terms of use.

ARRESTS  April 5, 2014

Sean Tannahill                                                  Michael J Pintor-Coomer
ONRL                                                                       DWS-Prior
sean tannahillmichael pintor coomer

Rafe Roark                                                        Waylon Lewis
Invasion of Privacy                                                 Disorderly Conduct
rafe roarkwaylon lewis

Jake Vo                                                             Gary Miller
PCS, Poss Paraphernalia                                           WOW-Parole
jake vogary miller

Sean Douglas                                                    Joshua Wheatley
MIC, Poss Paraphernalia                                           DWS-Prior
sean douglasjoshua wheatley

ARRESTS  April 6, 2014

Rey Alvarado-Rivera                                        Juan Barttolome
DWS-Prior                                                              PI
rey alvarado riverajuan barttolome

Breanna Russell                                               Francis Clark

Theft                                                                   OWI, BAC
breanna russellfrancis clark

Becky Ayers                                                     Charles Salsman

WOW-Misdemeanor                                                 WOW-Felony
becky ayerscharles salsman

ARRESTS  April 7, 2014

Ivan Acuna                                                       Juan Sebastain
WOW-Bartholomew County                                        Theft
ivan acunajuan sebastain

Joseph Runyon                                                  Autumn Arnold
Contribute to Minor, DWS-Prior                                   MIC, Poss Paraphernalia
joseph runyonautumn arnold

Ashley Deaton-Hedge                                       Jason Mallory
WOW-Misdemeanor                                                    WOW-Felony
ashley deaton hedgejason mallory

Eric Long                                                           Misty Gambrel
Theft, CT, RLE                                                           WOW-Bartholomew and Jennings Counties
eric longmisty gambrel

ARRESTS  April 8, 2014

Ronald Lasley                                                   
Poss Meth, Poss Meth w/handgun, DWS-P,                  Eric Ramey                 
Poss Handgun, PCS, Poss Para, VLD                            DC, PI 
ronals lasleyeric ramey

Marcus Graham                                                 Jessica Goen-Campbell
Superior Court Hold                                                    WOW-Felony                    
marcus grahamjessica goen campbell

ARRESTS  April 9, 2014

Reece Jackson                                                   Areli Rivera
Criminal Confinement                                                 Writ of Attachment
reece jacksonareli rivera

Derrick Wickline                                                Amy Burrell
Poss Controlled Substance                                          Serve Sentence
derrick wicklineamy burrell

Ronald Harmon                                                  Richard Reeves
DCS, PCS                                                                   DCS, HTV
ronald harmonrichard reeves

Abraham Jaimes                                                Hunter Cowles
Battery, Neglect of Dependent                                     Criminal Trespass
abraham jaimeshunter cowles

Alejandro Madariaga                                         Stephanie Graber
ONRL                                                                        PCS, Poss Mari, Poss Paraalejandro madariaga
stephanie graber

Vittoria Barger                                                   Amber Sferruzzi
OWI, BAC                                                                   Poss Mari, Poss Para
vittoria bargeramber sferruzzi

ARRESTS  April 10, 2014

Heather Hoffman                                               Brittany Branaman
PCS, Poss Mari, Poss Para                                           Poss Mari, Poss Para
heather hoffmanbrittany branaman

Jeremy Franklin                                                Mark Combs
OWI                                                                          WOW-Felony
jeremy franklinmark combs

Donald Gambrel, III                                          Silas Spurlock
DWS-Prior                                                                  HTV, Poss Mari
donald gambrelsilas spurlock

Adrian Stewart
Domestic Battery, Criminal Confinement
adrian stewart

ARRESTS  April 11, 2014

Robert Banister                                                 Daniel Abner
Writ of Attachment                                                     WOW-Misdemeanor
robert banister4.11.14

Craig Elmore                                                      Sheila White
Serve Sentence                                                          Theft
craig elmoresheila white

Luis Morales-Santiago                                      Harold Tatom
ONRL                                                                        OWI, BAC, Intimidation, Reckless Driving
luis morales santiagoharold tatom

Brett Carter
Poss Marijuana
brett carter

ARRESTS  April 12, 2014

Joseph Runyon                                                 Corey Delph
DWS-Prior                                                                 MIC
joseph runyoncorey delph

Samantha Brittain                                             Bronson A Moore
WOW-Misdemeanor                                                    Contribute to Minor, Poss Mari
samantha brittainbronson moore

Melissa Burgess                                                Wayne Meadors
Theft, Fraud                                                               DWS-Prior
melissa burgesswayne meadors

Anna Cuzick                                                      Bradley Ball
ONRL                                                                        False Informing, Parole Violation
anna cuzickbradley ball

Carl White
carl white

ARRESTS  April 13, 2014

Derek Monnier                                                  Christy Kamman
Poss Syringe, Poss Para, DWS-Prior                             WOW-Felony
derek monnierchristy kamman

Dylan Charles                                                    Karla Carson
MIP, RLE, WOW-Misdemeanor                                      OWI, BAC
dylan charleskarla carson

Erica Adams                                                      Stacey Kirby
OWI, BAC                                                                  Theft
erica adamsstacey kirby

Ryanne J Snodgrass                                          Nathaniel Hill
Theft, CT, WOW-Bartholomew County                          Theft, Poss Paraphernalia
ryanne snodgrassnathaniel hill

Case Meadors                                                    Rafael Ramos-Alvarez
Theft, Criminal Trespass                                             ONRL
case meadorsrafael ramos alvarez

Christopher Gabbard                                         Brian Burris
False Informing                                                          False Informing
christopher gabbardbrian burris

Dustin Broughton                                              James McCammon
WOW-Midemeanor                                                      Public Intoxication
dustin broughtonno photo available

ARRESTS  April 14, 2014

                                                                               Nicholas Fields
Brandy Fields                                                        Intimidation, DB, CC, Strangulation
 Theft                                                                       Interfere w/Reporting a crimebrandy fieldsnicholas fields

Darla McWilliams                                              Kyle Strong
WOW-Misdemeanor                                                    DB, Strangulation
darla mcwilliamskyle strong

ARRESTS  April 15, 2014

Amy Wardrop                                                    Zachary Ross
Poss Mari, Poss Para, MCN                                          Deal Mari, Poss Mari, Poss Para, VCN
amy wardropzachary ross

Justin Colvin                                                     Adrien Hawksworth
VCN                                                                          VCN
justin colvinadrien hawksworth

Kristopher Banks
Poss Mari, Poss Para, VCN
kristopher banks

ARRESTS  April 16, 2014
angela bracamontejordan gast

brock wathenaugustin tum-castro

tyler guthriematthew wolfe

kegan roark

ARRESTS  April 17, 2014

TREVOR MULLINSchristopher muncy

robert topperobert shutters

juan nieto-coronelmark bowling

johnny graham

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