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Recent changes in the status of inmates may not be reflected.  Inmate information changes quickly, and the reported information may not reflect the current information.  While every effort is made to ensure that the posted information is accurate, it my contain factual or other errors.  Although the data found herein has been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability, or usefulness of any information.

An arrest does not mean that the inmate has been convicted of a crime.  The information on this page should not be relied upon for any type of legal action.  Unauthorized or illegal use of the information is strictly prohibited.  By using this information, you acknowledge that you understand and have accepted these terms of use.

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ARRESTS  March 14, 2015

Kevin Miller AGE:36, Norman                                 David Ritter  AGE: 42, Seymour
Poss Syringe                                                         OWI, BAC
kevin millerdavid ritter

William Daulton AGE: 38, Seymour                       James Nolan AGE: 41, DeMotte, IN
WOW-Bartholomew County                                      WOW-Newton County
william daultonjames nolan

ARRESTS  March 15, 2015

Pamela Haynes  AGE: 46, Seymour                      Felicea Booker AGE: 41, Seymour
Poss Cocaine, Poss Para, Intimidation                        Deal Meth (Level 4)
pamela haynesfelicea booker

ARRESTS  March 16, 2015

Jaime Baltazar AGE: 28, Seymour                         Willie Conley AGE: 38, Seymour
ONRL, LTS-PD                                                        Serve Sentence
jaime baltazarwillie conley

Scott Barker AGE: 25, Freetown                          Stacy Borgman AGE: 35, Seymour
WOFW-FTA                                                          WOFW-FTA, Writ of Attachment
scott barkerstacy borgman

Angela Pferrer AGE: 49, Medora                       
WOW- Lawrence County
angela pferrer

ARRESTS  March 17, 2015

Dylan Patton AGE: 20, Seymour                           Johnathon Clark AGE: 26, Austin
MIP, MIC, Furnish alcohol to minor                             Auto Theft
dylan pattonjohnaton clark

Cynthia Dewar AGE: 36, Columbus                        Melissa Riley AGE: 32, Seymour
WOFW-Domestic Battery                                         Deal Meth (Level 1)
cynthia dewarmelissa riley

Larry Childers AGE: 37, Seymour                         Tyler Hall AGE: 18, Seymour
LTS-PD                                                                Poss Paraphernalia
larry childerstyler hall

ARRESTS  March 18, 2015

Jennifer Henderson AGE: 37, Seymour                   Ashley Proffit AGE: 26, Brownstown
WOFW-FTA                                                            WOMW-FTA
jennifer hendersonashley proffit

Adam Breitenmoser AGE: 28, Seymour                 Doni-Rae Rudd AGE: 32, Seymour
Serve Sentence                                                      WOW-Madison County
adam breitenmoserdoni-rae rudd

Gary Daulton AGE: 19, Norman                             Preston Fee AGE: 19, Brownstown
Minor in possession of alcohol                                   WOW-Monroe County
gary daultonpreston fee

Byron Shipley AGE: 54, North Vernon
WOFW-Failure to register as sex offender
byron shipley

ARRESTS  March 19, 2015

Christopher Swango AGE: 22, Seymour                 Derek Crossman AGE: 22, Brownstown
LTS-PD, WOW-Jennings County                                 Writ of Attachment
christopher swangoderek crossman

Thurman M Miller AGE: 37, Seymour                     Douglas Johnson JR AGE: 35, Seymour
WOFW-Residential Entry, Theft, CM                           Deal Meth (Level 5)
thurman millerdouglas johnson

Alexander Sterling                                            Amber Baker
Reckless Driving                                                      Deal Meth, WOFW-FTA
alexander sterlingamber baker

Nicole Spurlock                                                  Linda Charles
Visiting a common nuisance                                      Deal Heroin x2, Poss Para, DCS
nicole spurlocklinda charles

James Jones                                                     Brian Quade
Deal Heroin x2, Poss Para, MCN                                 Serve Sentence
james jonesbrian quade

Edward Swindall
Poss Para, Visting a common nuisance
edward swindall

ARRESTS  March 20, 2015

Barry Lawson                                                   John Ferguson

DWS-prior                                                             WOMW-FTA
barry lawsonjohn ferguson

Brandon McFarlane                                           Chad Hatton
Receiving stolen property                                         WOW-Parole
brandon mcfarlanechad hatton

Erin Mauck
WOW-Floyd County
erin mauck

ARRESTS  March 21, 2015

Jesus D Marquez
jesus marquez

ARRESTS  March 22, 2015

Roberto Martinez                                             Dale Miller
OWI                                                                    Interfere with Reporting a Crime
roberto martinezdale miller

Jason Nugent
jason nugent

ARRESTS  March 23, 2015

Dillon Smith                                                       Michael Chilton
WOFW-FTA                                                           WOMW-FTA
dillon smithmichael chilton

Joshua Hardy
Poss Mari, Poss Para, Poss Heroin
joshua hardy

ARRESTS  March 24, 2015

Larry Riley                                                        Timothy Roberts, JR.

Poss Meth/Para/Syringe, MCN, DCS                            Battery
larry rileytimothy roberts

John Deel                                                           Patrick Hood
Poss Meth/Para, Attempted Theft                              Poss Controlled Substance
john deelpatrick hood

Russell Taskey

russell taskey

ARRESTS  March 25, 2015

Alexander Conrad                                             Oran Hughes
Serve Sentence                                                     WOFW-Deal Meth, MCN, Poss Para
alexander conradoran hughes

Amber Tipton                                                    Anthony Short

Domestic Battery                                                    Poss Marijuana
amber tiptonanthony short

ARRESTS  March 26, 2015

Ronald Zike                                                        Brian Waggoner
Burglary, Criminal Trespass, RLE                                 Kentucky Parole Warrant
ronald zikebrian waggoner

Samantha Perez                                               Shannon Bennett
Theft                                                                   Theft, Writ of Attachment
samantha perezshannon bennett

Robert Jenkins                                                  Matthew Nowling

Child Exploitation, Child Molesting                               WOW-Brown County
robert jenkinsmatthew nowling

Aaron Badgett                                                  James Anderson
WOFW-OWI resulting in Injury x2                              WOFW-FTA
aaron badgettjames anderson

Abraham Mateo
WOFW-Child Molesting
abraham mateo

ARRESTS  March 27, 2015

Christopher Hickman                                        Erin Mankiller
Hold for Sentencing                                                Serve Sentence
christopher hickmanerin mankiller

Eric Chrysler                                                      Chrisotopher Hohnstreiter
DWS-Prior                                                             HTV, Poss Paraphernalia
eric chryslerchristopher hohnstreiter

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