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Recent changes in the status of inmates may not be reflected.  Inmate information changes quickly, and the reported information may not reflect the current information.  While every effort is made to ensure that the posted information is accurate, it my contain factual or other errors.  Although the data found herein has been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability, or usefulness of any information.

An arrest does not mean that the inmate has been convicted of a crime.  The information on this page should not be relied upon for any type of legal action.  Unauthorized or illegal use of the information is strictly prohibited.  By using this information, you acknowledge that you understand and have accepted these terms of use.

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ARRESTS  April 4, 2015

Corey Rayl                                                        Benjamin Kerkhof
DWS-Prior                                                             Poss Marijuana
corey raylbenjamin kerkhof

Allisa Sage                                                         Vincent Johnson Jr
PCS, Poss Syringe, WOW-Johnson County                   Criminal Trespass
allisa sagevincent johnson

Alejandro Gonzalez                                           Sherrie Acton
Burglary, Theft                                                       WOFW-FTA
alejandro gonzalezsherrie acton

Keith Waggoner
WOW-Daviess County
keith waggoner

ARRESTS  April 5, 2015

Hunter Klakamp                                                Vitaly Moiseyev
WOW-Clark County                                                 Public Intoxication
hunter klakampvitaly moiseyev

Kyle Norman                                                     Jeffrey Powell
Poss Controlled Substance                                       OWI, BAC
kyle normanjeffrey powell

Allen Hensley                                                    Justin Krietenstein
OWI, BAC                                                              OWI
allen hensleyjustin krietenstein

Tyler Waskom                                                   Michael Benton
DWS-Prior                                                              WOW-Delaware County
tyler waskommichael benton

Nicole Cossman                                                 Joby Davis
WOW-Jennings County                                             Poss Mari, DWS-Prior
nicole cossmanjoby davis

ARRESTS  April 6, 2015

Joshua Love
DWS-Prior, PCS/Para, LTS-PD, RLE                            Megan Christopher-Bane
WOW-Bartholomew County                                      Serve Sentence
joshua lovemegan christopher-bane

Matthew Mitchell                                             Matthew Jenkins
WOFW-Non-Support                                               WOFW-Theft
matthew mitchellmatthew jenkins

Manwell Owens                                                Chayla Carr
Deal Heroin, RLE, Poss Firearm, Trafficking w/inmate      Deal Heroin X2
manwell owenschayla carr

Ricky Stewart                                                  Noel Simmons
Domestic Battery                                                   Deal Meth, Poss Meth/Para, MCN
ricky stewartnoel simmons

ARRESTS  April 7, 2015

Aurora G Barradas                                            Clare Barr
Domestic Battery                                                    Theft
aurora barradasclare barr

Jeremiah Bowman                                           Tony Penrose
WOW-Lawrence County                                           Writ of Attachment
jeremiah bowmantony penrose

Bryon Robinson
Domestic Battery, Strangulation
bryon robinson

ARRESTS  April 8, 2015

Derek Monnier                                                  Clayton Ross
Escape                                                                 Attempted Theft
derek monnierclayton ross

Skylar Luedeman                                             Michael Booker
Battery, Criminal Mischief                                        WOW-Jennings County
skylar luedemanmichael booker

ARRESTS  April 9, 2015

Joseph Taylor                                                   Craig Tharp
WOMW-FTA                                                          WOW-Scott County
joseph taylorcraig tharp

Matthew Hoffar                                                Debra Patton
Writ of Attachment                                                 WOMW-FTA
matthew hoffardebra patton

Charles Newman
charles newman

ARRESTS  April 10, 2015

Michael Stover                                                  Miguel Gonzalez
Poss Paraphernalia                                                 ONRL, False Inform, Deal Meth x4
michael stovermiguel gonzalez

Kaylee Long                                                     Doran Curry

ONRL, Auto Theft                                                  Transport Order
kaylee longdoran curry

Shawn Hays
WOMW-Probation Revocation
shawn hays

ARRESTS  April 11, 2015

Joseph Brewster                                              Christopher Davis
Public Intoxication                                                 ONRL
joseph brewsterchristopher davis

Zachary Dodds                                                 Gaspar Pascual
WOW-Johnson County                                            Public Intoxication
zachary doddsgaspar pascual

Gregory Smith

PI, Intimidation, RLE
gregory smith

ARRESTS  April 12, 2015

Benjamin Hart                                                 Shannon Salas
DWS-Prior                                                            WOFW-FTA
benjamin hartshannon salas

Nikita Scott                                                      Bobbi Lacey
Poss Meth, Poss Para                                              OWI
nikita scottbobbi lacey

Jessica Etienne
Poss Meth/Heroin/Controlled Subs, PI
jessica etienne

ARRESTS  April 13, 2015

Keri Green                                                         Brianna Elkins
WOFW-FTA, Poss Syringe/Para, F.I.                           Poss Meth/Para, MCN
keri greenbrianna elkins

Tyler Schocke                                                   David Reynolds
MOMW-FTA                                                          Serve sentence
tyler schockedavid reynolds

Tamara Eversole                                              Megan Dyer
DC, PI, Intimidation                                                 Theft
tamara eversolemegan dyer

James Graham                                                 Anthony Loudermilk

WOMW-Probation Revocation                                    DWS-Prior
james grahamanthony loudermilk

ARRESTS  April 14, 2015

Arturo Robles                                                   Shawnda England
Poss Cocaine, WOW-Hamilton County                        Transport Order
arturo roblesshawnda england

Mackenzie Roberts                                            Dennis Terra
Theft x 2                                                               Domestic Battery
mackenzie robertsdennis terra

ARRESTS  April 15, 2015

Sommer Porter                                                 Jacob Alexander
Serve Sentence                                                      Theft
sommer porterjacob alexander

Jeramiah Noblitt                                               Corey Quick
Battery w/Injury                                                     WOW-Parole
jeramiah noblittcorey quick

ARRESTS  April 16, 2015

Skylar Luedeman                                              Preston Gray
Poss Meth x2, Poss look-a-like, Poss Para                    DWS-Prior
skylar luedemanpreston gray

Johnny R Graham                                            Brandon Carr
Dealing Meth x3                                                    Sexual misconduct w/minor x8 +
johnny grahambrandon carr

Ricardo Debendeditto                                      Francisco Espinoza-Suarez
WOFW-Non Support                                               ONRL
ricardo debendedittofrancisco espinoza-suarez

ARRESTS  April 17, 2015

Jeremy Moore                                                  Canyon Dailey
Writ of Attachment                                                Battery
jeremy moorecanyon dailey

Ashley Fleenor                                                 Oscar Stidham
MIC, Battery                                                         LTS-PI
ashley fleenoroscar stidham

ARRESTS  April 18, 2015

Nicholas Trejo                                                  Brandon Stanton
MIC                                                                     MIC
nicholas trejobrandon stanton

Claud Holt Jr                                                    Rose Victorino
RLE x2, CR, DWS-Prior                                            Domestic Battery
claud holtrose victorino

Dean Victorino                                                  Lucinda Townsend
Domestic Battery                                                   Writ of Attachment
dean victorinolucinda townsend

Demetrius Norwood                                         Lakwanta Griffin

VCN, False Informing, WOW-Michigan                        VCN, Obstruct Justice, Poss Mari
demetrius norwoodlakwanta griffin

John Neal                                                         Stacey Groves
Writ of Attachment, Poss Meth/Para                         MCN
john nealstacey groves

Christopher West
Domestic Battery
christopher west

ARRESTS  April 19, 2015

Kendra Broughton                                           Herbert Lane

Contribute to Delinquency of Minor                           OWI, BAC
kendra broughtonherbert lane

Amberly Barnes                                              Anthony Neville
WOW-Bartholomew County                                     DWS-Prior
amberly barnesanthony neville

ARRESTS  April 20, 2015

Warren King                                                     Sirena Fowler
Identity Theft, FI, Poss Mari, Poss Synthetic Mari        DWS-Prior
warren kingsirena fowler

ARRESTS  April 21, 2015

William Helblig                                                    Jesse McSwain

Serve Sentence                                                      Transport Order
william helbligjesse mcswain

Avis Wingler
Transport Order
avis wingler

ARRESTS  April 22, 2015

Gavin Goens                                                     Valerie Shelton
OWMW-Theft                                                        Poss Paraphernalia
gavin goensvalerie shelton

Kevin Nicholson
Criminal Mischief
kevin nicholson

ARRESTS  April 23, 2015

Kyle Norman                                                     Erik Olsen
WOW-Parole                                                          DB, CC, Intimidation
kyle normanerik olsen

Jason Cornett                                                    Darrell Polly

Domestic Battery                                                    WOMW-FTA
jason cornettdarrell polly

AnneMarie Jackson                                          Zackary Jones
WOFW-Contempt                                                   Theft x2, Poss Syringe
annemarie jacksonzackary jones

ARRESTS  April 24, 2015

Fred Ollis
Public Intoxication
fred ollis

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