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Real Estate Tax Sale

Tax Sale Information
All parcels that have a balance due from spring of the prior year (or before) are tentatively scheduled for tax sale. 

SRI Incorporated, located in Indianapolis, is the vendor for tax sales for delinquent real estate tax in Jackson County. 

Tax Sale Process
In mid-July (usually), the SRI sends a certified letter to each property owner listed for the tax sale. An additional tax sale charge is added to the amount due on each parcel, and all names are published in the local newspaper(s) if not paid by a specified date. Taxpayers may pay the amount due up to the time of the tax sale. 

The minimum bid for a tax sale property is the total amount owed on the parcel through the current year. The high bid wins and must be paid in the treasurer's office on the day of the sale with cash or certified funds. The county auditor will then issue a tax sale certificate. The prior owner has one year to redeem the tax certificate. After one year, a deed will be given to the tax certificate holder by the auditor’s office. 

Upcoming Tax Sales
The Tax Sale for 2019 is Scheduled for OCTOBER 29 at 10:00am
The First Advertisement will be released in the Crothersville Times and the Seymour Tribune on or by, September 6, 2018, and will be published without change for three consecutive postings.
Interested individuals may use the SRI website to view the list of properties eligible for tax sale. The tax sale is held in the lobby of County Courthouse in Brownstown. Bidders may register prior to the start of the sale on the SRI website. On the website they may also find a lien buyer handout, glossary of terms, advertising information, and other similar instructions.