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The Patrol Division of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department is staffed with 16 full-time deputies. Included in this 16 are the sheriff, chief deputy, drug enforcement officer, civil service officer, three detectives, and nine patrolman. The Patrol Division is supplemented by a strong group of reserve officers.
Powers & Duties of the Sheriff
The powers and duties of the sheriff are defined in IC 36-2-13-5 and are as follows:
  • The sheriff must arrest without process, persons who commit an offense within his view, take them before a court of the county having jurisdiction, and detain them in custody until the cause of the arrest has been investigated.
  • The sheriff must suppress breaches of the peace, calling the power of the county to his/her aid if necessary.
  • The sheriff must pursue and jail all felons.
  • The sheriff must execute all process directed to him/her by legal authority.
  • The sheriff must serve all processes directed to him/her from a court.
  • The sheriff must attend and preserve order in all courts of the county.
  • The sheriff must take photographs, fingerprints, and other identification data of persons taken into custody for felonies or misdemeanors. Any person who refuses to be fingerprinted or photographed or who withholds information or gives false information when taken into custody commits a Class C Misdemeanor.