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General Office Information

Jackson County Sheriff's Department Fee Schedule
Handgun Applications (four-year) $10 ($30 to state)
Handgun Applications (lifetime) $40 ($60 to state)
Handgun Applications (life, no current) $50 ($75 to state)
Police Reports $5
Crash Reports $5
Criminal History Checks $5
Copies of 35mm Photographs $3 per picture
Digital Photographs $1 per picture

Handgun Applications
In order to apply for a permit to carry a handgun, prospective applicants must go to the Indiana State Police website first and fill out an online application. Afterwards, applicants should come to the Sheriff’s Department to fill out the rest.

Tax Warrants
The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department receives tax warrants from the Indiana Department of Revenue through an automated system. Tax warrants received are for various types of taxes, such as income tax and sales tax, that are due to the Department of Revenue. 

The Sheriff’s Department mails tax warrants to the citizens of Jackson County on behalf of the Department of Revenue. If a citizen receives a tax warrant from the Sheriff’s Department, there are several options for proceeding. The Sheriff’s Department is authorized to accept payment in full or through an arranged payment plan. Payments can be made in cash during business hours or by mailing a money order. 

For information or questions about tax warrants or to dispute a tax warrant, please call the Sheriff’s Department at (812) 358-2141.