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The Jackson County Juvenile Detention Center provides quality programming to youth relevant to current issues in society. Youth are most often brought to the center for charges related to violence and substance abuse so much of our programming focuses on these issues. Programs are also offered in areas related to life skills and independant living. We maintain a highly trained and qualified staff to meet these needs.
Juvenile Prime for Life
PRIME for Life is a science-based alcohol and drug program designed to persuade resistant populations to examine and accept the need to change their attitudes and behaviors concerning alcohol and drug use. This program is taught by Polarity Counseling, Inc. and led by John Eric Turner LCAC, MSW, NCACII
Ansell Casey Life Skills Classes
Casey Life Skills (CLS) is a tool that assesses the behaviors and competencies youth need to achieve their long term goals. It aims to set youth on their way toward developing healthy, productive lives. This program is taught by George Jr. Republic staff.
Unresolved Anger Program

The Unresolved Anger program focuses on helping youth understand the “unjustice” in their lives. Youth need to understand how to justify this because their anger is typically directed at others. This improperly directed anger usually returns to the youth in the form of incarceration, alcoholism, and/or drug addictions. This program is taught by Polarity Counseling, Inc. and led by John Eric Turner LCAC,MSW, NCACII

Reclaiming Reality Program

Reclaiming Reality is an evidence based program that focuses on family dysfunction, addiction, compulsive behavior, anger, relapse, and healing. This program is provided by our dedicated volunteer staff.

Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy

Girls and boys acquire the knowledge and skills for taking charge of and making informed decisions about their sexual health. Exploring values, practicing responses in different situations, and thinking about their futures, help youth identify ways and reasons to avoid early pregnancy and prevent sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. This program is provided by Girls Inc.

Religious Services

We have volunteers from several area churches to lead our juveniles in non-denominational services. Church service is held each Sunday and a bible study class is held every Wednesday. While juveniles are not required to attend most do and enjoy the services.

Scared Straight Tours

The Jackson County Juvenile Detention Center offers Scared Straight Tours in an effort to point troubled teens back in the right direction before they get placed into the court system. The tours are conducted by the Jackson County Juvenile Detention Center staff and are generally 20 - 30 minutes in length. Parents are asked to wait in the lobby while the juvenile is given a tour of the facility as well as a narrative explaining the rules and routines that are enforced without exception if they were to be placed here. These tours need to be arranged by the Executive Director in advance, and are available to local juveniles as well as any of our out-of-county clients.