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About Preparedness
The Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan is considered to be in effect at all times to provide authorization to accomplish essential emergency preparedness activities. These activities will provide operational capabilities and improve effective response to disasters. Preparedness includes actions such as: 
  • Developing and revising disaster plans and hazard analyses
  • Writing mutual aid operational plans
  • Training response personnel
  • Improving public information and communications systems
  • Conducting exercises to validate the planning process
Those individuals and departments assigned emergency responsibilities will participate in developing and maintaining current Standard Operating Procedures and checklists for the support of the emergency operations center (EOC). Elements of these procedures include: 
  • Provision to support, maintain, staff, direct, and control resources during the time of a major disaster
  • Specific emergency actions that will be assumed by staff and designated successors during emergency situations
  • Circumstances under which successor emergency authorities would become effective, and when they would be terminated
  • Current department personnel notification / recall rosters, procedures, and the means to implement (this should include a communication system to implement call-out rosters for personnel assigned to the EOC, support functions, and field response team)
  • Establishment of a system for communication to the EOC, public safety dispatch, and to manage organizational resources and response field personnel as well as maintain contact with the EOC during emergencies
  • Developing mutual aid and other support agreements with appropriate local and state agencies
  • Reporting of damage assessment information (casualties, damage observations, evacuation status, radiation levels, chemical exposure, etc.) to the EOC during an emergency
  • Support of cleanup and recovery operations following disasters
  • Training of assigned response staff and volunteers to augment the performing of emergency functions
More Information 
For more information, contact Emergency Management at (812) 358-6110.