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Can I post bond / bail my child out?
No – Juveniles cannot bond out of our facility.

Juvenile Detention Center

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1. Can I post bond / bail my child out?
2. When will my child be released?
3. Why won’t JCJDC staff give me any information regarding my child over the phone?
4. What if my child doesn’t have a Probation Officer?
5. Do I need to bring my child anything from home? Do I need to bring in money for commissary?
6. Can I bring in medication for my child?
7. Can my child see a Doctor/Nurse/Therapist while in the J.C.J.D.C.?
8. Why hasn’t my child telephoned me?
9. I forgot/lost my license. Will I be allowed to visit my child anyway?
10. My child is misbehaving. Can I have him/her admitted for the weekend?

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