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Why should I care about NOAA Weather Radio?
Thanks to NOAA Weather Radio, you’ll have access to current weather and to potentially life-saving emergency information whenever you need it.

When you purchase a NOAA Weather Radio receiver, you are purchasing part of the National Weather Service network. The network is constantly upgrading its technology to provide the best weather reporting service possible for the nation. For less than the cost of a new pair of shoes, you can own a special weather radio that provides instant access to the same weather reports and emergency information that meteorologists and emergency personnel use – information that can save your life!

Weather radios can provide more than weather information. Civil emergency messages can be broadcast across these radios through the Emergency Alert System (EAS). The National Weather Service will send authorized messages through these radios. In the event of a earthquake, power outages lasting for an extended period of time are highly possible. Because these radios have battery backup power, you will be able to receive important local messages when the power goes out. These messages will be coming from local officials as to what has happened, who has been impacted by this event, and additional essential information.

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1. Why should I care about NOAA Weather Radio?
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